Neumabeing Micro-Vibration Meditation

Experience Profound Relaxation

Embark on a journey of profound relaxation and self-discovery with The Breathing Room’s custom-designed Micro-Vibration Meditation Lounge Chairs This isn’t just a lounger; it’s a portal to transformative experiences and altered states of consciousness.
As you relax on a micro-vibrational lounge chair, you are enveloped by intricate sound baths and carefully curated verbal cues that guide you deeper into your subconscious. The ergonomic design of the lounge chair with its micro-vibration therapy system enhances this journey, providing an environment conducive for profound introspection and discovery. Choose between 20 or 50 minute journeys.

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Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience structured to guide you through intentional breathing, somatic awareness, and visualization techniques, paving the way for profound bodily relaxation and expanded mental awareness. By journey’s end, emerge refreshed and revitalized, having experienced a new pinnacle of relaxation and mental clarity.


Guided by intentional breathing, somatic awareness, and visualization techniques, effortlessly unwind your body and refresh your mind for renewed vitality. As ethereal soundscapes envelop you, harmonizing with guided instructions, feel the Neuma Lounge’s subtle vibrations promoting deep relaxation and boosting energy levels. Experience a gentle release of tensions as your mind finds revitalized clarity.


Engage in guided intentional breathing, somatic awareness, and visualization techniques to transition into a heightened state of concentration while deeply relaxing your body. Ethereal soundscapes harmonize with guided instructions, amplifying focus, while gentle vibrations declutter your mind. Feel refreshed and refocused, ready to tackle tasks with newfound clarity and vigor.


Tailored with the busy lifestyle in mind, this immersive experience offers a glimpse into our unique approach to unlocking your creative potential. Starting with intentional breathing, somatic awareness, and visualization techniques, effortlessly awaken your creativity and tap into your creative spirit.




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