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Welcome to The Breathing Room, where your journey to inner tranquility begins. We’re thrilled to guide you through our transformative programs and services designed to nurture your well-being. Here’s how to get started:

1. Schedule Your Visit:

Book your session online on our website or give us a call to book your services. If you’re new to TBR, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early for your first visit so we can walk you through our options and answer any questions you may have.

2. Arrive and Check-In:

Upon arrival, our friendly staff will greet you and check you in. Take a moment to soak in the peaceful ambiance of our space as you prepare for your experience.

3. Personalized Consultation:

For first-time visitors, you’ll receive a personalized consultation with a knowledgeable staff member who will guide you through our programs and services. We’ll work together to tailor your experience to meet your specific needs and goals. Purchase our premium membership (Stillness is Key) and receive a private consultation and customized wellness plan from our founder.

4. Choose Your Experience:

Explore our range of programs and services, from meditation pods, to vibroacoustic, neural acoustic technology and therapies to immersive VR meditations. Whether you’re seeking deep relaxation, mental clarity, or stress relief, we have something for everyone.

5. Experience The Double Dose of Calm:

To maximize your relaxation and savings, we recommend trying our Double Dose of Calm package, which includes a session in one of our meditation pods and in one of our micro-vibroacoustic meditation loungers for just $75 (saving you $15). It’s the perfect way to experience a double dose of what TBR has to offer.
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Do I need to arrive early for my first visit?

Yes, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early for your first visit so we can walk you through the options and ensure you have a seamless experience.

How do I choose the right program or service for me?

Our team is here to help! During your personalized consultation, we'll discuss your goals and preferences to help you choose the program or service that best suits your needs.
Ready to embark on your journey to inner stillness and well-being? Schedule your visit to The Breathing Room today and let us guide you to a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Joining The Breathing Room as a member comes with an array of unparalleled advantages.
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