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Soulwork Planner Vol. 01

The Soulwork Planner by The Mantra Collective is an all-in-one balanced mix of a planner and journal that directly aligns with our mission to guide and support personal transformation and growth. It combines a little bit of everything The Mantra Collective is known for: motivational mantras, gratitude, self-care, manifestation, mindfulness, and so much more wrapped inside of a beautifully crafted book.


  • Empowering Mantras. Find motivational quotes and messages throughout.
  • Monthly Calendar. Left undated if you need some time off, so you can effortlessly return whenever you are ready.
  • Monthly Mantras. Fill in the monthly mantras curated every month on our IG or fill in your own.
  • Monthly Reflection. Reflect on the previous month.
  • Monthly Intentions. Set your intentions for the new month ahead.
  • Daily Planner. Organize your tasks, practice gratitude, and keep yourself accountable for a well balanced day.
  • Weekly Check-in. Each week, you’ll be presented with reflection questions to connect deep within your soul.
  • Reminders. Each week you’ll have a set of reminders to compliment the week’s check-in.
  • Sticker Sheet. Decorate your planner with our selection of empowering stickers.
  • Blank grid pages. Free space to do as you wish.
  • Mantra Database. Browse through our database of empowering mantras to set your daily and monthly intentions.
  • Velvet Dust Bag. Each planner comes with a mantra blue velvet dust bag to keep your Soulwork Planner protected at all times.


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