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In today’s bustling world, stillness has become the ultimate luxury—a priceless reprieve from the cacophony of modern living. With this vision, The Breathing Room was conceived, offering a sanctuary where individuals can discover the rejuvenating powers of stillness.
More than just a space, The Breathing Room represents a movement towards holistic wellness, built on evidence-based practices and scientific research. Here, we believe all health starts with the mind. Within its walls, you’ll find an experience tailored to lead you into profound relaxation, curated with meticulous attention to every sensory detail. From immersive soundscapes to gentle illumination, we’ve ensured that every moment spent here amplifies your journey to inner tranquility.
Our meditation pods are the epitome of this experience. Step in, and be enveloped in a world where you can disconnect and retune your rhythm. Regardless of your familiarity with meditation, The Breathing Room’s multisensory approach ensures each individual finds their path to peace.

But what truly sets The Breathing Room apart is its foundation. Anchored in scientific principles, it’s the brainchild of Dr. Miranda Boe, psychologist and certified wellness practitioner.

Dr. Miranda Boe

Guiding our philosophy and practice, Dr. Miranda Boe, PsyD, is a Licensed Educational Psychologist and Certified Wellness Practitioner who has been passionately dedicated to the pursuit of mindfulness for many years. Throughout her illustrious career, she has been committed to helping young people and families navigate the complexities of mental health, learning, and behavioral challenges. Dr. Boe’s expertise spans a vast spectrum, including OCD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, and various mood disorders.

Growing up in the Midwest, Dr. Boe’s experiences have taken her across diverse settings, allowing her to work with families, and brilliant mental health providers of myriad backgrounds. Whether in private practice, schools, or specialized centers in both Southern and Northern California, her passion shines brightly. And while her commitment to assisting youth remains unwavering, her vision with The Breathing Room extends that same dedication to individuals of all ages, aiming to offer everyone an oasis of peace amidst life’s storms. Dr. Boe believes that health begins in the mind and that meditation, an ancient wisdom, is the future for wellbeing.
At the heart of The Breathing Room lies an invitation: to step inside, breathe deep, and find the tranquility that resides within us all. Join us in embracing the transformative power of stillness.
Dr. Miranda Boe Founder of The Breathing Room Los Angeles Westwood CA


Dr. Miranda Boe, PsyD

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